The administrative district of Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh lies north east of the state capital, Shimla. This is an area that has long been renowned for its natural beauty and local legend maintains that Kinnaur witch all its charms fell from the heavens as a Gift from Gods. Kinnaur also has several beautiful side-valleys like the Sangla Valley and the Bhaba that rise long the banks of these cources of snowmelt and most of the pupolar destinations lie close to the valley floors.

Ancient Indian texts like the Puranas placed the people of Kinnaur as halfway between men and gods. Other ancient traditions speak of the exile of the Pandavas and the time they spent in Kinnaur, and episode of the epic Mahabharata.

Popular Destinations in Kinnaur are-

Sangla Valley-

Of all the side Valleys of the river Satluj, the most beautiful is Sangla Valley. It is certainly the most famous. The 95 Km long vallet gets off to a fairly unimpressive start and it is along this stretch that you will see the determination of the ‘chil’ pine. And after this corridor, like curtains tossed aside to reveal the setting of a grand stage, the valley bursts open at Kupa. From this point on, every turn and every angle reveals a valley that is strikingly beautiful. As if to savour all this, the waters of the Baspa also slow down and the little river that moments ago had shown the visage of a savage mountain stream, now turns calm and welcoming.

Reckong Peo- 2290 m

Reckong Peo is the District headquarters of Kinnaur. It faces the majesty of Jorkanden (6473m) and the Kinner Kailash Mountain (6050m). Kinner Kailash Mountain is regarded as one of the Mythical homes of Lord Shiva and by its side is a 79 ft hight rock formation that resembles a ‘shivalinga’ that changes color as the day passes.

Kalpa- 2960 m

Half an hour’s drive from Reckong Peo, takes you to Kalpa which was once known as Chini. This still has traditional ambience and much of the old architechture. The Narayan-Nagini Temple is an exemplary example of local craftsmanship. There are a couple of Buddhist monastries at Kalpa. Including the Hu-Bu-Lan-kar Gompa.

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